Whenever I do anything, I alway tell myself: never repeat the mistake twice
First mistake, I alway forgive myself for the first mistake
Because we are human, learning process will never stop
Everyday we learn new thing
So, it was nothing wrong when we did some mistake on our first attempt
We learn from it and avoid same mistake in our further attempt

But duno why, everytime I repeat the same mistake in the same thing
Influence by the uncle?
Influence by parent?
Should I blame them, or I am the only person to blame for this mistake?


My brain is fragmented
I want to defragment it!!
4 Responses
  1. Merryn Says:

    ehem.. wat have you done? sounds serious oni ur mistake. chill dude.. once beaten, twice shy.. hopefully after this.. no more same mistake. otherwise, get urself a brand new 'processor' :P

  2. i will try my best..thank you..^.^

  3. shyneze Says:

    “Strength and growth come only through continuous effort and struggle.”
    —Napoleon Hill