Review of 2009

Today is last day of 2009
Now, left few more hours only before we enter a new year

New year countdown?
No..I am not going to join my friend to any countdown event
Because it is quite boring and I feel very tired and exhausted...
So, I rather stay at home and do my 2009 review...=)

What I had did?
How do I feel?

I started year 2009 by working at TT and I resign on 15th Jan..
Supposingly 31st Dec 2008 is my last day in TT but the previous manager requested me to stay and help him until 15th Jan, so I accepted his request...

Then my Y1S2 degree started from Jan until May...
And I would said this period of time was my lowest point of my life(so far)..
Frustrate with my study
Moodless to study
Cool war with my housemate due to some miscommunication problem
Got lowest point ever of GPA in my uni result

Then come to my Y1S2 semester break
I had 4 days 3 night penang trip with my Uni friend....
Threw away all my frustration, my pressure and my problem

Then my Y2S1 started...
I am totally woke up
I changed to another person the result...I got myself in Dean List for this semester..=)
Special thank to my parent who never scold me for my bad result and make me feel super guilty...

Then semester break started
I applied for 2 subjects in short semester, but brilliant UTAR canceled it
So, I got 3 months break!!!
Worked as part time 'waiter' in TT during this break

So, basically this is the main thing happened in 2009

This is life
It has low point, It has high point
It consist of positive and negative thing
No matter how, we still continue our life
Because each challenge will make us more stronger, more tougher

Nonit afraid of falling down in our life,
But we must know how to stand up when we fall down,
When we stand up, we are one step nearer to success

HAPPY NEW YEAR in advance!!!...=)
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