29th Dec 2009

29th Dec 2009,
2 days away from a new year, 2010
This also mean that my 3 months semester break going to end soon
which left 19 days

So, how was my holiday plan progress?
Hmm...I would said so far I manage to complete 50% of my holiday plan only

How about my another 50%? Failed?
Maybe I should not call it as a failure because I never try to initiate it..
Reason? I could give myself thousand of reason but will it really useful?
Reason just a way to cover up my failure and a lie to myself
But during this period, this 50% is really confuse me
What is the purpose of this 50%

Maybe I should reshuffle my mind and think again what is the purpose of this 50%
Just to show off?
Just to satisfy my self-esteem?
Just to prove something?
Or because it is my favourite?

But if I really can carry out this 50%
Then my holiday plan is 100% successfully complete

I really can show off to other,
I really proud of myself
I prove that I can do it even though I still young

Is time for me to take further step in my life
Maybe I can do it
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