Review of 2009

Today is last day of 2009
Now, left few more hours only before we enter a new year

New year countdown?
No..I am not going to join my friend to any countdown event
Because it is quite boring and I feel very tired and exhausted...
So, I rather stay at home and do my 2009 review...=)

What I had did?
How do I feel?

I started year 2009 by working at TT and I resign on 15th Jan..
Supposingly 31st Dec 2008 is my last day in TT but the previous manager requested me to stay and help him until 15th Jan, so I accepted his request...

Then my Y1S2 degree started from Jan until May...
And I would said this period of time was my lowest point of my life(so far)..
Frustrate with my study
Moodless to study
Cool war with my housemate due to some miscommunication problem
Got lowest point ever of GPA in my uni result

Then come to my Y1S2 semester break
I had 4 days 3 night penang trip with my Uni friend....
Threw away all my frustration, my pressure and my problem

Then my Y2S1 started...
I am totally woke up
I changed to another person the result...I got myself in Dean List for this semester..=)
Special thank to my parent who never scold me for my bad result and make me feel super guilty...

Then semester break started
I applied for 2 subjects in short semester, but brilliant UTAR canceled it
So, I got 3 months break!!!
Worked as part time 'waiter' in TT during this break

So, basically this is the main thing happened in 2009

This is life
It has low point, It has high point
It consist of positive and negative thing
No matter how, we still continue our life
Because each challenge will make us more stronger, more tougher

Nonit afraid of falling down in our life,
But we must know how to stand up when we fall down,
When we stand up, we are one step nearer to success

HAPPY NEW YEAR in advance!!!...=)

29th Dec 2009

29th Dec 2009,
2 days away from a new year, 2010
This also mean that my 3 months semester break going to end soon
which left 19 days

So, how was my holiday plan progress?
Hmm...I would said so far I manage to complete 50% of my holiday plan only

How about my another 50%? Failed?
Maybe I should not call it as a failure because I never try to initiate it..
Reason? I could give myself thousand of reason but will it really useful?
Reason just a way to cover up my failure and a lie to myself
But during this period, this 50% is really confuse me
What is the purpose of this 50%

Maybe I should reshuffle my mind and think again what is the purpose of this 50%
Just to show off?
Just to satisfy my self-esteem?
Just to prove something?
Or because it is my favourite?

But if I really can carry out this 50%
Then my holiday plan is 100% successfully complete

I really can show off to other,
I really proud of myself
I prove that I can do it even though I still young

Is time for me to take further step in my life
Maybe I can do it

Merry Christmas

Late Christmas wish from me to all of you


Busy working for the last 2 days

Christmas day:
Started work from 9.30am to 3pm for morning shift
And the night shift is 5.40pm to 12am
But I reached home around 2am because I and other part time went to supper and I need to fetch them home as well
After rest for a while, then I work again..?!? again...because the stupid Christmas light is too old already, so the wire became very fragile
Finish repair the light around 3am and went to sleep at 4 am

26th Dec:
Woke up at 7.45am
8.30am went to 'Number 1' and took my breakfast with Che How
9.10am start to repair the main Christmas light
I and Che How straight away continue work until 11.30pm
again, 2am only reached house because went to supper
3am only slept

And today woke up at 6.45am to play basketball
Totally in half asleep and half awake condition
Really want to good night ad

Tired and Busy Christmas Eve

Today is 24th Dec, is Christmas Eve
Anything special during Christmas Eve?
Well....other than 'busy' and 'tired', i can't really find any other word to describe today

Today I slept for 1 and a half hour only
Yesterday 2 something I went to bed and want to sleep already
But my brain keep on thinking something else
So I drag till 5am only sleep..
And I woke up at 6.35am because I already invited some friend to butterfly park and play basketball

In the afternoon, I and ah loy went to JJ to settle something
Beside that, I wanted to buy a christmas present as well
Actually this is my main motive of come to JJ...hehehe
I brought the present already
But how I want to give the present to her on tomorrow?
Erm...maybe nonit think so much...
Let it be nature...

In the night, I went to a temple with my brother at Bukit Kuda

I cant find a single space for me to take a short nap
Just too busy..
Today is not the end of my busy yet because my schedule for this few days are full

Very tired ah.....!!!!!!!!!
Need to improve my time management skill ad....
Else 24 hours per day and 7 days per week is not enough for me








Whenever I do anything, I alway tell myself: never repeat the mistake twice
First mistake, I alway forgive myself for the first mistake
Because we are human, learning process will never stop
Everyday we learn new thing
So, it was nothing wrong when we did some mistake on our first attempt
We learn from it and avoid same mistake in our further attempt

But duno why, everytime I repeat the same mistake in the same thing
Influence by the uncle?
Influence by parent?
Should I blame them, or I am the only person to blame for this mistake?


My brain is fragmented
I want to defragment it!!

TT working experience 2

As usual, yesterday I went to work at TT Klang
It was a wedding function
And I partner with a 'cha ko' and wei jun, take care 7 tables..
It was second times I partner with both of them

I just can't understand,
Whether I am a noob, my teaching style got problem, or the 'cha ko' is brainless ( really sorry to said that he is brainless )
That fellow is HOPELESS...
Lazy, unwilling to learn, show emotional face and attitude when I teach or point out his mistake, alway do something at wrong time...
Even his younger brother also better than him 100000 times...

Is there anyway I can save this young 15 years old guy?
I just have no idea at all
I tried my best, and still finding some other ways
Every people has different potential
I must use more patience, patience and patience

On the other hand, let said something about wei jun
The first impression he gave me was very bad..
Remembered the first time I partnered with him
We take care 5 tables
And for no reason, he just keep on disappear
So I scolded him
I never scold people and he became the very first person who I really scold after work at TT for so long
Maybe he should be proud of it..XD

And yesterday, I found out he was the type of worker who TT seriously lack of...
Beside that, there are other two part time who also caught my attention
They are raw and unpolish gem
They can be god-god successor after those god-god 'retired' but with a condition: they must partner with god-god during function or working time

Raw and unpolish gem, please behave,
god-god don have much time to polish you all, take care you all ad....
Appreciate the time left

TT working experience

Tired...really tired..
Every weekend also exhausted
Every weekend need to OT
Everytime need to bao ka liao

When teach them thing, they will said: Last time when I work, I nonit to do this and that....

When ask them: you know this and that onot, they will answer: ya ya, i know this, i know that...but at the end I will become -.-"

When I am unlucky, partner with some noob waiter/waitress, then I really need to become GOD, from 1 people take care 2-3 table become 1 people take care >5 table..
Thing become worse when table surround my working area also noob...

We are not god, we are just normal human....
Just that we are willing to work and try, never give up and said no
And we know time is always constrain, so we work faster
And we learn while we working, not complain while we working
And we complain after we finish our work, but start another new day with zero complain

9th Dec 2009

Yesterday wore new basketball shoe...^.^
Maybe the shoe is still new, so the insole is quite hard..
So, my movement was not so flexible

I need some time

To rediscover my shooting
To rediscover my fitness
To rediscover my ball feeling

Give me some time

New Basketball shoe

Is Aeon Bukit Tinggi J-Card Day
And I bought a new pair of basketball shoe..=)

Same brand with my previous shoe, Admiral
But different design and colour
size 10, which is extremely fit my leg

But temporary I don have time to wear the new shoe...
Because I'm just too busy
Give me some time, my new shoe

38 degree celcius

38 degree celcius since saturday

I still can work normally at TT klang on saturday and sunday
Saturday worked around 12 hours
Sunday worked around 13 hours

I still can eat normally
I ate nasi lemak, I ate roti canai, I ate mee goreng, I ate rice

Am i really fever?