RIP, my basketball shoe dear basketball shoe
You have served me for 1 year
Accompany me whenever I play basketball

Last month, you pass away peacefully
I would like to said: Thank you
Maybe the relationship between my shoe and form are just too strong
My form is very down since the death of my shoe

I can't wait for tomorrow
As I'm going to buy a new shoe..=)

RIP, my shoe
My form, don't be too sad, as new generation of shoe is coming...
6 Responses
  1. Can feel ur sadness but it seems like you are happy cuz getting a new shoe soon. RIP to ur shoe...may the force be with him.

  2. Merryn Says:

    oh kesian.. condolences to your shoes.. long serving and faithful.. RIP...

  3. iriene Says:

    My son also very sentimental with his shoes, 'kai-kai' backpack,
    and his shirts. He will said thank you to them before depart with it...LOL Thanks for the support, I've done the same here, Cheers :)

  4. which shoe u r using? Nike AIr?

  5. zuiyanhong Says:

    when I was young, I played basketball too but never in good form as you.