Time flies
Is November already..
As I enjoying my semester break since october
And left 2 more months before my new semester start

Stay in house instead of do a part time job
Just feel like want to rest myself in this 3 months semester break

Started the November with immune system disorder aka allergic
Pain and itchy consistently attack me....

Last Saturday function was the cause of my allergic
I knew I got allergic to liquor, but liquor is the one of the main player when come to social
Initially I plan to drank a glass of Cordon Bleu only
Manatau my uncle and parent friends keep on come and 'attack' me
What to do, they want to 'bully' me, so I have to drink
Somemore the Cordon Bleu is dammm nice, very smooth
So, Over limit, Extra suffer

Still got few function in coming few weeks....
I need to drink more liquor
Nonit scare of itchy or pain
Everything will be fine when my body used to the liquor
My uncle taught me this theory
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