So many thing happened in this few days

haha...I am back to my hometown, Klang on wednesday..
But so many thing happened since wednesday..

Padang hit by earthquake not once, but twice
Somoa hit by tsunami
Malaysia hit by earthquake aftershock and I missed the earthquake experience again
Then my father masuk hospital..(injured by structure collapse?)
Nolah...'old friend' aka uric acid come and visit my father
Maybe I should force my father to jogging
Then today is Mooncake festival..(eat mooncake already?)
and tomorrow is my cousin Wedding day..

For those who want to contribute some help to the Padang disaster:

The CIMB-The Star Padang Relief Fund has been set up to help those affected by the devastating earthquake.

Public could make their donation via cheque or online banking:

Payee name: CIMB-The Star Padang Relief Fund

Account numbers:
1408 1206 6620 56 (CIMB Bank)
1404 0000 4891 03 (CIMB Islamic)

Life is short and full of challenge
Stay strong and challenge the challenge
2 Responses
  1. kethes Says:

    my life was also hit by an eartquake la...

  2. §pinzer Says:

    eh great initiative to post this up, thanks man...