CI LAN accreditation interview

I am holidaying
But tomorrow need to go back to school
Not because I am hardworking
Because I am one of 36 students which force to attend the CI LAN accreditation interview
It is a very important interview as UTAR are seeking the LAN accreditation for Civil Engineering course...
And this LAN aka MQA accreditation is important for CI student also

Need to study and memorize the Program Educational Objective (PEO) and Program Outcome (PO)
but my brain is on holiday
My mood is on holiday
How to sit down and concentrate study lah..~~
So I procrastinate the study until today, a day before the interview...hehe

Not only study, I also need to ACT and LIE
Tomorrow need to TALK GOOD THING about UTAR in front of the officer
FORCE TO said: "UTAR is the best, the lecturer is the best, the facilities is the best, the lab is the best and everything is the best..."
Blow as big as we can..

Hopefully the officer won't ask me the question that I don't know how to answer...
All the best to myself...
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