A boring, useless but important interview

Haha..finally done the boring, useless but very important interview..?!?

Boring-Because I answered the only question the officer asked me. It was a group interview which consist of 5 students. We sat at a round table and I sat beside the officer. So when the officer ask question, he just look in front only, so only the student in front of him answer the question only...hahaha.....

Important-Because it is Civil Engineering LAN accreditation interview. UTAR are seeking the Civil Engineering accreditation from government. Once Civil Engineering got the accreditation, which mean Civil Engineering is recognize by government, Civil Engineering graduate can register with Board of Engineer Malaysia (BEM) without taking the exam. After register with BEM, we can go further by register with Institution of Engineering Malaysia (IEM) and become Ir. (Professional Engineer) once we complete the 60 credit hours.

Useless- Because we are taught to 'cheat' or act in front of the officer. Our task is said all the good thing about UTAR which include the course structure, lecturer, laboratory, canteen and etc....

The interview finished in less than 15 minutes... Lucky the officer interview our group is very lenient and asked little question...and most important is he just look in front only..XD...

Hope UTAR can get the accreditation..
4 Responses

  1. Kev Says:

    that's reality. Universities teaching students to tell lies just to get accreditation :)

    That's what Prof. C told u guys huh? ...heheh.

  2. Nic Da Nic Says:

    i also need to do the interview during my final sem
    i am doing diploma in ipta.but not utar..hahaha

    so....good luck to ur accreditation