A boring, useless but important interview

Haha..finally done the boring, useless but very important interview..?!?

Boring-Because I answered the only question the officer asked me. It was a group interview which consist of 5 students. We sat at a round table and I sat beside the officer. So when the officer ask question, he just look in front only, so only the student in front of him answer the question only...hahaha.....

Important-Because it is Civil Engineering LAN accreditation interview. UTAR are seeking the Civil Engineering accreditation from government. Once Civil Engineering got the accreditation, which mean Civil Engineering is recognize by government, Civil Engineering graduate can register with Board of Engineer Malaysia (BEM) without taking the exam. After register with BEM, we can go further by register with Institution of Engineering Malaysia (IEM) and become Ir. (Professional Engineer) once we complete the 60 credit hours.

Useless- Because we are taught to 'cheat' or act in front of the officer. Our task is said all the good thing about UTAR which include the course structure, lecturer, laboratory, canteen and etc....

The interview finished in less than 15 minutes... Lucky the officer interview our group is very lenient and asked little question...and most important is he just look in front only..XD...

Hope UTAR can get the accreditation..

CI LAN accreditation interview

I am holidaying
But tomorrow need to go back to school
Not because I am hardworking
Because I am one of 36 students which force to attend the CI LAN accreditation interview
It is a very important interview as UTAR are seeking the LAN accreditation for Civil Engineering course...
And this LAN aka MQA accreditation is important for CI student also

Need to study and memorize the Program Educational Objective (PEO) and Program Outcome (PO)
but my brain is on holiday
My mood is on holiday
How to sit down and concentrate study lah..~~
So I procrastinate the study until today, a day before the interview...hehe

Not only study, I also need to ACT and LIE
Tomorrow need to TALK GOOD THING about UTAR in front of the officer
FORCE TO said: "UTAR is the best, the lecturer is the best, the facilities is the best, the lab is the best and everything is the best..."
Blow as big as we can..

Hopefully the officer won't ask me the question that I don't know how to answer...
All the best to myself...


These are some figure which I would like to achieve:




找份 part time 来打发时间

从Form 1 到 Form 3 的假期, 就已经到外公的脚车店帮忙

Form 4 那年的假期,在妈妈的朋友介绍下
我去了 Jusco 当了 Promote, 卖Carlton牌子的校鞋

Form 5 毕业后,又开始在 Jusco 工作了
Carlton 的 Supervisor 有打给我, 叫我去帮忙他
从Carlton ,到 Applemint,VJ,Kikilala, Precious

去年的3个月假期,去了大同酒家当 waiter


但是现在对我来说,做什么part time 也是在浪费我的时间
因为那天外公对我说,工程师最总要的是 PRACTICAL

想想下,我今年已经Year 2 了,
明年是industrial training, 后年是 FYP了
所以我应该去Kuantan, 在我的姨丈的建筑公司学习,学习些经验



I started to sleep since I finished my exam,
And until today, I still sleeping.

My mum keep on wake me up,
But I refuse,
And I continue sleep

Someone woke up me,
I woke up,
But was in half awake, half sleeping condition.

I was blur
I was thinking
Should I continue sleep
Or should I wake up

Somebody, please wake me up!!

I miss my football life

I miss my boot
I miss football
I miss the field
I miss Man Utd

My poor football boot
Which is full of dust or maybe is rust ad
I never wear it since I graduated from secondary school (3 years)
My boot, I am sorry...

I miss the goalkeeper position..
Standing in front of goal post, waiting opponent to shot the the ball
Agility, dare to dive, dare to die
When I am on fire, nobody can beat me
But when I am off fire, everybody can beat me easily

I miss the defender position..
whenever the ball come near to me
Block all the opponent attack
Clear the ball, pass the ball

I miss the midfield position..
Short passes, long passes, crossing
Assist striker to score goals

I miss the striker position..
Shot the ball and score goals

When can I find find back all this wonderful memories?

Wanted to play
But no kaki to play football
Every people are studying
Only me holiday...


This saturday, Man Utd VS Bolton
Yes!! Can watch ad
Call some friend, go Modern, order Teh O Ais+Cheese Naan


Facebook, I am in....

finally, today I create a facebook account
Due to my friend completed my facebook challenge: 1 month don't sign in facebook
So, I have to sign up..
I really unexpect Lek Mon managed to pass the challenge
But, if his laptop didn't spoilt, I think he won't pass the challenge

Lucky now I am holidaying for 3 months..
So now problem if I really get addicted
But when new semester start..
Must, must, must control myself...
Latest promise to myself....







So many thing happened in this few days

haha...I am back to my hometown, Klang on wednesday..
But so many thing happened since wednesday..

Padang hit by earthquake not once, but twice
Somoa hit by tsunami
Malaysia hit by earthquake aftershock and I missed the earthquake experience again
Then my father masuk hospital..(injured by structure collapse?)
Nolah...'old friend' aka uric acid come and visit my father
Maybe I should force my father to jogging
Then today is Mooncake festival..(eat mooncake already?)
and tomorrow is my cousin Wedding day..

For those who want to contribute some help to the Padang disaster:

The CIMB-The Star Padang Relief Fund has been set up to help those affected by the devastating earthquake.

Public could make their donation via cheque or online banking:

Payee name: CIMB-The Star Padang Relief Fund

Account numbers:
1408 1206 6620 56 (CIMB Bank)
1404 0000 4891 03 (CIMB Islamic)

Life is short and full of challenge
Stay strong and challenge the challenge