Is September ad..
time pass super fast..

My exam will be held in this month..
Next week is study week ad..
After study week is EXAM..
Maybe will Study hard! Study hard! Study hard!
I promise myself, I promise teacher..
No more last semester history
Promise, Promise, Promise

Erm..other than my examination,
1 special day in september..Unless I got youngster alzheimer, if not really 1 only...XD
Of coz I never forgot
Erm..but duno can make it or not..?

haha..oklah..that all for today..
need to piah my study ad..

When I said it, then I mean it
When I mean it, then I do it
When I do it, then I do the best
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  1. kenwooi Says:

    yeah sept edy.. so fast.. hmm...