Result of overstudy in Structural Analysis

Exam-Structural Analysis, ,19/9/09, 2pm
To show that I really study hard in my Structural Analysis:

Chapter 6,7:
-study hard + revise hard + prepare hard + asking myself why like this, why like that = force increasing (critical force, Pcr)
-critical stress = Pcr divide by brain area (constant)
-so critical stress > yield stress, my brain in plastic mode (danger)
-lucky got viwawa + favourite tea, jasmine + jogging + basketball + Yiruma = -Pcr
-so critical stress < yield stress, my brain in elastic mode, working optimum

Chapter 1, 2, 3:
-Design load of my brain = 1.4 (force) + 1.6 (brain)
-Design load x length of my brain = maximum load can be sustain by my brain
-Apply the optimum critical load on my brain, this optimum critical load support by my neuron-neuron which worked as the cable and beam
-Calculate the tension or compression of my neuron-neuron

Chapter 4:
-Consider work done of my neuron-neuron are in equilibrium state, work done = 0, find out the angle between neuron or reaction of the neuron

Chapter 5:
-Draw the shear force diagram and bending moment diagram of my neuron-neuron to analyze the shear force and bending moment of the neuron at any length of the neuron.
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    Hi, that's very interesting formula and analysis...LOL
    It will be more fun if can put up as a 'mind map'
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