Princess Charmaine

September, is a busy month for every student
Primary school student, secondary school student, Tertiary level student
All busy talking about exam, exam and exam

Aiyo, why exam lah...
Aiyo, I haven't study lah..
Aiyo, stress lah
Aiyo, why I should study this boring subject lah..
Blah..blah..blah..aiyo this, aiyo that..
All of these are common quote which we can heard from every student during exam festival

Then let rewind back when we are 4 years old kid that time
What we did when we are 4 years old?
Playing, crying for toy, like to eat candy, junk food, drink soft drink, no need worry about study or exam, cartoon, learn ABC..
Every people roughly share the same childhood.

But..the little Princess Charmaine is totally different from our childhood.
Who is Charmaine?
She don't know me, I yesterday only know her from her blog and we have same surname: LIM.
This is Charmaine picture..Kawaii right..suddenly got the feel want to hug her and kiss her?XD
(image source:

Charmaine is a 4 years old kid living in Singapore. Her full name is Charmaine Lim Fan Xi. A cute 4 years old kid should having her own 4 years old kid lifestyle like other children.

But, the god decide to give her a test as early as this stage. Charmaine was diagnosed with 4th stage neuroblastoma (cancer). She has 10 to 20% chance of living if she seeks local treatment and 40 to 50% chance of living if she seeks treatment in New York.

With the help and donation from the public, Cynthia, Charmaine mommy managed to collect 350,000 usd and send Charmaine to New York to seeks treatment.

She need to eat medicine like eating candy. She need to take injection daily. She need to go through a series of chemotherapy. She need to go through a series of operation.

Even though Charmaine life was suffer, full of turmoil, but she never give up, she never blame. She show great determination in fighting the war.

"I want to fight the monster in my tummy!". This is what Charmaine told her family during her family conference. She even console her little brother, Jase when Jase ask her why she need to take the injection.

She is only 4 years old, but she show us how strong she is, how tough she is in dealing her test given by the god.


For those who are stress by the exam, don't lose to a kid. Learn from Charmaine, NEVER GIVE UP. Your test is something like piece of cake when compare to Charmaine test.

To know more about Charmaine update, visit her blog by click the banner below, leave some encouragement for her and help her click the ads in her blog too:

Feisty Char needs bullets to fight!

4 Responses
  1. Ivan Says:

    haha visit to your blog as well ^^ ... yea learn " not to give up " :) nice post ^.<"

  2. hello..ivan..thank for your visit..

    yes, not to give up

  3. Manju Says:

    awwww she's so cute!i hope she gets well, it's so sad that a such little kid has to face so much :(
    and it's a lesson for all of us i guess.
    thanks for dropping by my blog ^^

  4. MyLife Says: pity for this little cute girl. Hope she get well soon. With metta...