My unit registration for short sem cancel?

2 days before my fourth exam, Survey II
Theoretically I should study very hard
Practically I relax very hard instead of study..XD..
Maybe Survey II is easy for me... :p I relax only...
This few days I overstudy find some reason and lie to myself to relax...

But my final paper will be tough, Hydrology...really must piah again..
All my classmate are asking each other how to study Hydrology...
Haha..maybe nonit worry so much, just study, give our best
that is the only thing we could do..

After my final paper is my holiday...
How long is my holiday?
3 weeks or 3 months..
I also not so sure..
because I registered 2 subject for my short semester...
But now UTAR cancel my registration...

Initially I plan not to take short sem because I planned my 3 months holiday ad..
Then I registered for short sem to ease my burden for the following sem..
But now the registration cancel... this mean I can do my thing..?

haha..don't care so much..
If UTAR re-accept my registration, then I study short sem loh...
If UTAR really cancel my registration, then I follow my initial planning loh..
UTAR system is flexible, my system also flexible..
2 Responses
  1. jerard_89 Says:

    UTAR flexi, we also flexi!!! XD

  2. yalar...haha..we must be flexi too..