Huge Relief

hahaha...very very very huge RELIEF...

My left side of chest is pain for no reason
And the pain persist until now
It is already more than 10 days

I am very concern about this pain, because the pain is located around my heart
And according to my family medical history, my grandmother and grandfather has health problem related to their heart..
I don't want that, that's why jogging and sport is part of my life

So am I inherited the genetic?
Or my lung got problem?

Why will my left chest pain?
This is the result after 10 days of self observation:

I checked my heart beat everyday since the pain started
normal figure, 60 bpm, so my heart is OK!! haha...

I don't have coughing or any respiration problem
So my lung is OK too!! haha..

Actually is the muscle or the saraf under my torax injured due to carried too heavy load.. So, as long as I got enough rest, don't let my left hand and shoulder do too much of movement, it will be cure faster..

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