Getting crazy!!

This is my daily routine, which will continue until 29th Sept 2009

Wake up at the morning, surf net, check mail,
then start the war
Study, study and study....
Write, write and write...
Revise, revise and revise...
Just want to walk out from the exam hall confidently and smile..

Stressing....but I think it is worth when the result is out..

Home is alway the to GK
When stressing, can drink jasmine!
When stressing, can open Yiruma song!
When stressing, can jogging at the nearby park!
When stressing, can close my eye, lying on the chair and relax my mind!
When stressing, mum will bring food and drink to me!..^.^

At GK, no jasmine, no jogging, no mum, no lying on the chair, can't open Yiruma song at optimum volume...
Even though stressing, but it going to end soon..hahaha...
8 more days only...
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  1. yanjiaren Says:

    HEHE When stressing you can chill and come and visit my blog too.I love cha..I am married to a Chinese man and I love Chinese tea..