Freedom to speak anything

Malaysia is a democratic nation..
Every people has the right to speak anything freely..

So now, I want to speak anything freely in Bahasa Rojak..

1 Malaysia
I tahu what is this
You tahu what is this
Every Malaysian tahu what is this.
Tak kira you are malay ke, chinese ke, indian ke atau singh atau etc,
You are kaum Malaysia

Talk, manyak pandai
Take Action, tak nampak orang pula..

1 Malaysia, DEB should be dimansuhkan
1 Malaysia, no quota system
1 Malaysia, no BN, no PKR, no PAS, only 1 Government
1 Malaysia, BABI boleh diterima oleh malay, tolak ansur sikit lah, no people minta you makan also

Mati loh saya..speak freely somemore, ISA coming to see me soon..Because ISA digunakan untuk mempertahan ketuanan Melayu, menyembunyi keadilan dan melindungi BN dan bukan untuk menahan terrorist or people who will harm the nation.

As long as you talk freely at anytime, anywhere and anything except Malay and BN, then you are safe.

Maybe after 1 Malaysia, then we will have 1 future. We are not allow to talk single word in 1 Future because ISA digunakan untuk mempertahan ketuanan 1 Malaysia.

This is the video in the This is happening in our 'democratic' nation, CAN'T SPEAK FREELY walaupun rakyat ada hak kebebasan untuk bersuara.

If you see the video above, you can get this meaning: "Something wrong to the system and we want to speak it out. We can't out, else ISA will said hi to you"

1 Malaysia, 1 Future
6 Responses
  1. kethes Says:

    awesome... i will visit you in kota kamunting taiping ya... lol.... yea man... u r the man

  2. ming sheng Says:

    heyz.. thanks for dropping by my blog.. nice introduction to the short clip..
    by the way nice blog u have there... =)

  3. haha..we have the freedom to speak..

  4. Wah, really free to speak meh? I coward wan wer. But thanks to post this up.

  5. kenwooi Says:

    when i first saw the vid.. i dont understand..
    but now i do.. =)

  6. haha..good good..15 malaysia is very good..Support 15 malaysia