"flexi" System

haha..I am officially announce: I going to have 3 months break!!..
I planned my this 3 months break since the last semester break, but still duno whether I can implement it or not..

Just little bit disappointed to the UTAR so called 'flexi' system. When we register the subject, they cancel it for us. When we register extra subject, they cancel it for us. Reason: the subject is not in our course structure for that semester or we reserve the course for XXX course only. UTAR ask us to follow the course structure only.

Furthermore, the place offered is very limited and it based on first come first serve basis. So, student have to wake up early and fight for a place. When we managed to register, they just cancel it and reserved for other course? And those who fail to register, can go to office, argue, fill some form. Then UTAR kick those online registration student and give their place to those who went to office and argue one..


Then 'flexi' system is for what? Just a name to show that UTAR very high tech, must online register subject? 'Flexi' system has it pro and cons, but if the 'flexi' is not flexi, then it is totally cons.

Fair? Unfair?

I don't mind my registration being cancel as I still got my original plan. But UTAR will paid the price for this unfair incident in future.

I am 20 years old, my life experience is still little, but from what I had seen, what I had gone so far, I can conclude that:

In short run, it is alway unfair
In long run, it is alway fair

This conclusion apply to everything.
3 Responses
  1. kenwooi Says:

    why so strict wan...
    in inti we can pick the subjects we want.. =)


  2. haha..in utar, we also can pick the subject we want, but utar will cancel our registration only..XD...

  3. Xjion89 Says:

    haha, wat to do...their policy, i guess.~~~

    i oso 20 ooo; i oso feel like very shallow~~~><~~~