Expire date: 29 Sept 2009

Yeah...29 Sept 2009, 11am passed..

It is expire date for my exam period for this semester..
It is expire date for my Year 2 Semester 1...
It is expire date for no Man Utd game promise..

5 days of exam, used 1 month to prepare...
Really suffered..
Everyday only study study and study..
but is worthy..when the result is out that time..

And for the very first time in my life..
I study until my finger super PAIN due to holding the pen and
Write..write..write...for consecutive daysssss...
This is something I never thought of..
I am so hardworking and crazy too...XD

My last paper, Hydrology lah..
2600++ slides and a 300 pages text book..
Siao 1 loh..
somemore need to finis it in 3 days...
So now I duno today is Monday or tuesday??
Coz I remember I woke up at 28 Sept, Monday, 7.30am
And until now, 29 Sept, Tuesday, 1.00pm
I haven't sleep...zZz....

Strongly satisfy with my hardworking, my determination during this exam period..
"Well done to myself"!!

Sayonara...Year 2 Semester 1..
I enjoyed this semester very much..

Thank you to all my lecturer and tutor for the teaching for this semester..

3 months HOLIDAY is officially start from now....
2 Responses
  1. Mike Says:

    Congratulation friends~
    you hardworking payout ^^