Brain VS Stress

Exam period..Busy doing my revision..
Next exam is Structural Analysis, which is on this Saturday..
Enjoy revise my note, but really on fire when doing the tutorial..
Because I did the tutorial in short period of time before..
But this time I need so long time to answer the same tutorial question..
And did some stupid careless mistake ALSO..

And the relationship between stress and brain can be explain in a Graph Brain Against Stress

At zero stress level, brain is working at normal level and brain work best at optimum stress level(OSL). The level of OSL are vary on every people.

When the stress level pass the critical stress level (CRL), the brain of the person start work below normal. At this stage, people start to give up, angry easily, can't think in rational. During this stage, we should try to release some stress instead of continue increase the stress. And if the stress level continue goes up, then, the fellow will become ABNORMAL aka CRAZY.

So, do revision is important,
Stress is important but don't overstress
Release your stress at the right time.
4 Responses
  1. Lee Choo Says:

    haha.. i was stress now.. but i don't wanna be abnormal, u know? hhehe..
    nice post.. thx for the information.. and sorry i'm not too good in english ^^

  2. haha..we are is impossible for us to know everything. Every people has their own strength and weakness...the most important is learn and sharpen our weakness...

  3. Lee Choo Says:

    yup, Agree! Study and learn.. to be a better people =)