Expire date: 29 Sept 2009

Yeah...29 Sept 2009, 11am passed..

It is expire date for my exam period for this semester..
It is expire date for my Year 2 Semester 1...
It is expire date for no Man Utd game promise..

5 days of exam, used 1 month to prepare...
Really suffered..
Everyday only study study and study..
but is worthy..when the result is out that time..

And for the very first time in my life..
I study until my finger super PAIN due to holding the pen and
Write..write..write...for consecutive daysssss...
This is something I never thought of..
I am so hardworking and crazy too...XD

My last paper, Hydrology lah..
2600++ slides and a 300 pages text book..
Siao 1 loh..
somemore need to finis it in 3 days...
So now I duno today is Monday or tuesday??
Coz I remember I woke up at 28 Sept, Monday, 7.30am
And until now, 29 Sept, Tuesday, 1.00pm
I haven't sleep...zZz....

Strongly satisfy with my hardworking, my determination during this exam period..
"Well done to myself"!!

Sayonara...Year 2 Semester 1..
I enjoyed this semester very much..

Thank you to all my lecturer and tutor for the teaching for this semester..

3 months HOLIDAY is officially start from now....

"flexi" System

haha..I am officially announce: I going to have 3 months break!!..
I planned my this 3 months break since the last semester break, but still duno whether I can implement it or not..

Just little bit disappointed to the UTAR so called 'flexi' system. When we register the subject, they cancel it for us. When we register extra subject, they cancel it for us. Reason: the subject is not in our course structure for that semester or we reserve the course for XXX course only. UTAR ask us to follow the course structure only.

Furthermore, the place offered is very limited and it based on first come first serve basis. So, student have to wake up early and fight for a place. When we managed to register, they just cancel it and reserved for other course? And those who fail to register, can go to office, argue, fill some form. Then UTAR kick those online registration student and give their place to those who went to office and argue one..


Then 'flexi' system is for what? Just a name to show that UTAR very high tech, must online register subject? 'Flexi' system has it pro and cons, but if the 'flexi' is not flexi, then it is totally cons.

Fair? Unfair?

I don't mind my registration being cancel as I still got my original plan. But UTAR will paid the price for this unfair incident in future.

I am 20 years old, my life experience is still little, but from what I had seen, what I had gone so far, I can conclude that:

In short run, it is alway unfair
In long run, it is alway fair

This conclusion apply to everything.

My unit registration for short sem cancel?

2 days before my fourth exam, Survey II
Theoretically I should study very hard
Practically I relax very hard instead of study..XD..
Maybe Survey II is easy for me... :p ...so I relax only...
This few days I overstudy ad...so find some reason and lie to myself to relax...

But my final paper will be tough, Hydrology...really must piah again..
All my classmate are asking each other how to study Hydrology...
Haha..maybe nonit worry so much, just study, give our best
that is the only thing we could do..

After my final paper is my holiday...
How long is my holiday?
3 weeks or 3 months..
I also not so sure..
because I registered 2 subject for my short semester...
But now UTAR cancel my registration...

Initially I plan not to take short sem because I planned my 3 months holiday ad..
Then I registered for short sem to ease my burden for the following sem..
But now the registration cancel...
hehe..is this mean I can do my thing..?

haha..don't care so much..
If UTAR re-accept my registration, then I study short sem loh...
If UTAR really cancel my registration, then I follow my initial planning loh..
UTAR system is flexible, my system also flexible..

Super Tired

Super super super tired..
Plus a little bit of stress...
This few days just keep on study and do revision only...
But it is worthy when my result out that time..

Left 2 subjects, duno still can tahan onot..
can't tahan also must tahan..
Still thinking how to revise Hydrology

How to study Hydrology? The main question asking by all the student in the class which include me..

haha..don't care so much lah..go sleep first...
restore all my energy...

Tomorrow wake up and piah again...


Getting crazy!!

This is my daily routine, which will continue until 29th Sept 2009

Wake up at the morning, surf net, check mail,
then start the war
Study, study and study....
Write, write and write...
Revise, revise and revise...
Just want to walk out from the exam hall confidently and smile..

Stressing....but I think it is worth when the result is out..

Home is alway the best..compare to GK
When stressing, can drink jasmine!
When stressing, can open Yiruma song!
When stressing, can jogging at the nearby park!
When stressing, can close my eye, lying on the chair and relax my mind!
When stressing, mum will bring food and drink to me!..^.^

At GK, no jasmine, no jogging, no mum, no lying on the chair, can't open Yiruma song at optimum volume...
Even though stressing, but it going to end soon..hahaha...
8 more days only...

Sunday Raya

Today is Hari Raya....

Previously, I will follow my dad to his muslim friend house to celebrate Raya on this day. But this year will be difference. Because I decided to stay at Genting Klang and prepare for my coming exam instead of go back Klang and celebrate Raya..

And today is a derby match between Manchester United and Manchester City. This match is the 6th game for Man Utd in this new 2009/10 season. As a Manchester United loyal die hard fans, it is really a miracle as I'm yet to watch any Man Utd live game..haha..

I am very happy instead of sad..^.^..because I still keeping my promise: no Man Utd for this semester.
Bertaubat..bertaubat...keep my promise, keep my hope, keep my target...
The expiry date for this promise is 29th Sept 2009, 11am..hooray...the day is coming very soon...

So, at the end, Man Utd won the game, 4-3. It was a great game, but I will not regret for choosing not to watch the game as I doesn't want to said:" Shit..I should not watch Man Utd game on Sunday night. I should spend the time on my study" on this Wednesday after exam....

Yea..wise choice..study come first.. EPL ..every year also got lah.... nonit so crazy about live match... can watch the highlight on the next day in internet...

Before I sleep, I would like to wish everybody:

Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri

Maaf Zahir dan Batin

Good Night.....zZz...

Result of overstudy in Structural Analysis

Exam-Structural Analysis, ,19/9/09, 2pm
To show that I really study hard in my Structural Analysis:

Chapter 6,7:
-study hard + revise hard + prepare hard + asking myself why like this, why like that = force increasing (critical force, Pcr)
-critical stress = Pcr divide by brain area (constant)
-so critical stress > yield stress, my brain in plastic mode (danger)
-lucky got viwawa + favourite tea, jasmine + jogging + basketball + Yiruma = -Pcr
-so critical stress < yield stress, my brain in elastic mode, working optimum

Chapter 1, 2, 3:
-Design load of my brain = 1.4 (force) + 1.6 (brain)
-Design load x length of my brain = maximum load can be sustain by my brain
-Apply the optimum critical load on my brain, this optimum critical load support by my neuron-neuron which worked as the cable and beam
-Calculate the tension or compression of my neuron-neuron

Chapter 4:
-Consider work done of my neuron-neuron are in equilibrium state, work done = 0, find out the angle between neuron or reaction of the neuron

Chapter 5:
-Draw the shear force diagram and bending moment diagram of my neuron-neuron to analyze the shear force and bending moment of the neuron at any length of the neuron.

Brain VS Stress

Exam period..Busy doing my revision..
Next exam is Structural Analysis, which is on this Saturday..
Enjoy revise my note, but really on fire when doing the tutorial..
Because I did the tutorial in short period of time before..
But this time I need so long time to answer the same tutorial question..
And did some stupid careless mistake ALSO..

And the relationship between stress and brain can be explain in a Graph Brain Against Stress

At zero stress level, brain is working at normal level and brain work best at optimum stress level(OSL). The level of OSL are vary on every people.

When the stress level pass the critical stress level (CRL), the brain of the person start work below normal. At this stage, people start to give up, angry easily, can't think in rational. During this stage, we should try to release some stress instead of continue increase the stress. And if the stress level continue goes up, then, the fellow will become ABNORMAL aka CRAZY.

So, do revision is important,
Stress is important but don't overstress
Release your stress at the right time.

Huge Relief

hahaha...very very very huge RELIEF...

My left side of chest is pain for no reason
And the pain persist until now
It is already more than 10 days

I am very concern about this pain, because the pain is located around my heart
And according to my family medical history, my grandmother and grandfather has health problem related to their heart..
I don't want that, that's why jogging and sport is part of my life

So am I inherited the genetic?
Or my lung got problem?

Why will my left chest pain?
This is the result after 10 days of self observation:

I checked my heart beat everyday since the pain started
normal figure, 60 bpm, so my heart is OK!! haha...

I don't have coughing or any respiration problem
So my lung is OK too!! haha..

Actually is the muscle or the saraf under my torax injured due to carried too heavy load.. So, as long as I got enough rest, don't let my left hand and shoulder do too much of movement, it will be cure faster..


911 Exam

haha..few hours before my first exam start.. Doing my last preparation.. and managed to steal some time out to blog and wish all my friend...




考试就快到了,剩下两天就是第一张考试,Fluid Mechanic 1,
幸好是open book exam, 所以还蛮轻松的




8 September

Today wake up at 8.20am..super early compare to past few day..
I wish to sleep longer..but..I need to settle the flexible timetable for the up coming short semester
Lucky I wake up early, because 15 minutes after registration open, all the course are full..
hehe..registered pengajian malaysia and pendidikan moral..

Tomorrow going back to genting klang!!
Can eat my favourite 'Loh Mee' at the Old Buddy shop..
hahahahahaha..1 week never eat ad since I went back to Klang..
The 'Loh Mee' is very delicious...
everytime I go Old Buddy to eat dinner or lunch, I 95% will order 'Loh Mee'..

Something wrong to my HEALTH?
My instinct is correct?
Is the fate that I can't escape?
I DONWAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Princess Charmaine

September, is a busy month for every student
Primary school student, secondary school student, Tertiary level student
All busy talking about exam, exam and exam

Aiyo, why exam lah...
Aiyo, I haven't study lah..
Aiyo, stress lah
Aiyo, why I should study this boring subject lah..
Blah..blah..blah..aiyo this, aiyo that..
All of these are common quote which we can heard from every student during exam festival

Then let rewind back when we are 4 years old kid that time
What we did when we are 4 years old?
Playing, crying for toy, like to eat candy, junk food, drink soft drink, no need worry about study or exam, cartoon, learn ABC..
Every people roughly share the same childhood.

But..the little Princess Charmaine is totally different from our childhood.
Who is Charmaine?
She don't know me, I yesterday only know her from her blog and we have same surname: LIM.
This is Charmaine picture..Kawaii right..suddenly got the feel want to hug her and kiss her?XD
(image source:http://ourfeistyprincess.blogspot.com/)

Charmaine is a 4 years old kid living in Singapore. Her full name is Charmaine Lim Fan Xi. A cute 4 years old kid should having her own 4 years old kid lifestyle like other children.

But, the god decide to give her a test as early as this stage. Charmaine was diagnosed with 4th stage neuroblastoma (cancer). She has 10 to 20% chance of living if she seeks local treatment and 40 to 50% chance of living if she seeks treatment in New York.

With the help and donation from the public, Cynthia, Charmaine mommy managed to collect 350,000 usd and send Charmaine to New York to seeks treatment.

She need to eat medicine like eating candy. She need to take injection daily. She need to go through a series of chemotherapy. She need to go through a series of operation.

Even though Charmaine life was suffer, full of turmoil, but she never give up, she never blame. She show great determination in fighting the war.

"I want to fight the monster in my tummy!". This is what Charmaine told her family during her family conference. She even console her little brother, Jase when Jase ask her why she need to take the injection.

She is only 4 years old, but she show us how strong she is, how tough she is in dealing her test given by the god.


For those who are stress by the exam, don't lose to a kid. Learn from Charmaine, NEVER GIVE UP. Your test is something like piece of cake when compare to Charmaine test.

To know more about Charmaine update, visit her blog by click the banner below, leave some encouragement for her and help her click the ads in her blog too:

Feisty Char needs bullets to fight!


昨天,就在我温习我的 numerical and statistic 的时候,




Freedom to speak anything

Malaysia is a democratic nation..
Every people has the right to speak anything freely..

So now, I want to speak anything freely in Bahasa Rojak..

1 Malaysia
I tahu what is this
You tahu what is this
Every Malaysian tahu what is this.
Tak kira you are malay ke, chinese ke, indian ke atau singh atau etc,
You are kaum Malaysia

Talk, manyak pandai
Take Action, tak nampak orang pula..

1 Malaysia, DEB should be dimansuhkan
1 Malaysia, no quota system
1 Malaysia, no BN, no PKR, no PAS, only 1 Government
1 Malaysia, BABI boleh diterima oleh malay, tolak ansur sikit lah, no people minta you makan also

Mati loh saya..speak freely somemore, ISA coming to see me soon..Because ISA digunakan untuk mempertahan ketuanan Melayu, menyembunyi keadilan dan melindungi BN dan bukan untuk menahan terrorist or people who will harm the nation.

As long as you talk freely at anytime, anywhere and anything except Malay and BN, then you are safe.

Maybe after 1 Malaysia, then we will have 1 future. We are not allow to talk single word in 1 Future because ISA digunakan untuk mempertahan ketuanan 1 Malaysia.

This is the video in the 15Malaysia.com. This is happening in our 'democratic' nation, CAN'T SPEAK FREELY walaupun rakyat ada hak kebebasan untuk bersuara.

If you see the video above, you can get this meaning: "Something wrong to the system and we want to speak it out. We can't out, else ISA will said hi to you"

1 Malaysia, 1 Future


Is September ad..
time pass super fast..

My exam will be held in this month..
Next week is study week ad..
After study week is EXAM..
Maybe will Study hard! Study hard! Study hard!
I promise myself, I promise teacher..
No more last semester history
Promise, Promise, Promise

Erm..other than my examination,
1 special day in september..Unless I got youngster alzheimer, if not really 1 only...XD
Of coz I never forgot
Erm..but duno can make it or not..?

haha..oklah..that all for today..
need to piah my study ad..

When I said it, then I mean it
When I mean it, then I do it
When I do it, then I do the best