Ya!! I changed my blog skin...
I changed this creative and beautiful and nice skin...
Special thankss to Wordpress Template and then converted by Falcon Hive..
If you plan to change your blog skin, you may goto
You can find a lot of beautiful and creative blog skin..

Actually I plan to change my blog skin during my sem break..
Because a lot of time needed to put back all my blog feature..
And I need to edit the html code..

But I changed it today..
This is because my friend keep on complain to me that they can't post comment in my blog...
I also duno why..but everytime I can post comment in my own blog..
If only 1 people can't post comment, then maybe is user problem..
But got too many friend can't post is user problem again??

So I thought I edited the previous blog skin html code too much, so some error occur in the code..
Therefore, I changed the blog skin today..
This time my friend confirm can leave comment ad..
Not because I changed my blog skin..
Is because I close the comment 'word verification'...
Cheww...found this out when I wanted to sleep after changed my blog skin and install the blog feature..

So, to all my friend, you can leave the comment without having the 'word verification' which is the problem before this.. more comments..but don spam lah..

I love the new blog skin so much..
But I not satisfy with the 'search' function..
So, I think I need more time to crack and edit the 'search'..
6 Responses
  1. Testing...testing... just help you to test. Congratz, looks like another success after the un"piak" egg.

  2. haha..ya ya..i corrected it can leave comment freely

  3. jerard_89 Says:

    woohooo~OO nice new skin man~ looks brand new, n now can freely leave comment d XD ooi yuan break 2 eggs in one day? haha ^^

  4. kethes break 2 eggs in 2 days..xD

  5. lekmon Says:

    haha, agree. the older skin kills ppl's mood when they read.

  6. haha....tat y i change sui sui boh zao jui