The Kickoff of August

Today is 9th August, sunday..
After 3 months of break..
EPL is back in action..

Today is the kickoff of Community Shield..
between my favourite team, Man Utd vs Chelsea..
The kickoff of the Community Shield also mean that EPL going to start in 1 week time..

As Man Utd die hard fans..I want to watch their match..
I want to watch every match..
But, the aim of myself for this semester is: NO MAN UTD game..
Not because Ronaldo or Tevez move out from the club..
Is because I want to punish myself..
For the fully deserved bad result I got in my last semester..
Really relief because I still passed my exam..

Last semester I watched every Man Utd game..
No matter night or midnight.. sleeping hour reduced..
And I slept in lecture class..
First time in my life I slept(intend) in class..
So..sad case happened..

So, I will never let the history repeat again..
I will never let myself regret for the second time..
So, no Man Utd during study time..
No matter how important the game is..
How interesting the game is..
except semester break or saturday night only..

We must Fail in order to Know..
We must Hurt in order to Grow..
We must Lose in order to Gain..

I failed, I hurt and I lose at last semester..
I know, I grow and I gain from this semester..

Learn from last semester mistake, failure..
Wake up from your sweet dream..
Get out from comfort zone..
Is time to know, grow and gain..
Remember your promise to yourself at the beginning of the semester..
Don't find excuses for yourself anymore..

Man Utd..prove you are strongest team in the world this season..

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