Kethes sister birthday present, new C902 went missing in his house..

Who took it?
As long as yesterday who went in the house, they are automatically became suspect..
So, 6 people in the suspect list: 5 housemate and girlfriend..

Is really tough..
This is the tough time for Kethes..
Because the friendship, love and trust between kethes and his housemate and girlfriend are being testing..
As an outsider, I have nothing to said about it..
But as an friend, I will alway support you..correct you if you do mistake..

The only advise to you is don't blinded by friendship, history, love and whatsoever..
Open your mind, open your heart, open your eye..
Seek the justice...
Else you will regret for any wrong decision..

Sometime you think is a loss..but actually is a gain..
Sometime you think is a gain..but actually is a loss..
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