Yo..today is 1st July..?!?
Huh??..today not 20th August? How come is 1st July..
Correct lah..nothing wrong..today is 1st July in Chinese calender..
Seventh Month(七月) is very famous month in chinese calender..
Because...the hell door will be open for 1 month..
All the 'friend-friend' will be release from hell...
They are allow to come to this world..
And they have the right to do whatever they like...

Haha..so, this month I need to stay at home during night until next month..
Must go back home before 7pm..
This is to prevent any unwanted incident happen..
Or be the target of 'friend-friend'..
Or to be my parent membebel victim..
I am not superstitious, but I am believe..

Normally the hell door will open on 1st July..
But for this year..all the 'friend-friend' can come to our world as early as on 26th June(16th August), few days before the official date, 1st July..

This is because there is an extra month(闰月) in this year chinese calender..
In ancient time, 1 year consist of 12 months..
But when there is an extra month(润月) in that particular year..
The hell door will open few days earlier before 1st July..
Furthermore, a year which does not have 12months will be a bad year or call 不详年..
That particular year will have more disaster or tragedy compare to normal year..

True? Not true?
Again, I am not superstitious..but I am believe..
Because some incident is really unbelievable and can't explain by any explanation..
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