I am lost, where is the exit?

Haiz..whyyyyy! I am lost in the deep forest, cant find a way out from the deep forest..

4 years ago, I entered the forest. Now, I am lost in the deep forest for almost 4 years.. During this 4 years time, I haven make any move in searching the other exit..
Because I am waiting the current exit..

I got the map, I got the compass..
Everytime I make a move, and thought the exit is very near..
But something will stop me to continue move forward..
I am scare..
I am scare not because I scare of the forest..
I am scare because I scare failure.....

I want to get out from the forest, but I hate myself for being so useless, so coward..

I am uselesssssssssssssssssssss...
I am cowarddddddddddddddddddddd...
A useless and coward guy who not dare to make any move and rather continue get lost in the forest and suffer..

As the time continue, the forest continue to grow deeper and deeper..
I know I left little time only..
Before the current exit disappear..
The forest will not stop growing just because of me..

Do I have the braveness to continue this journey?
Do I have the braveness to cope with the failure?

When will I reach the exit?
Or will I die in this forest?

The answer is..
4 Responses
  1. jerard_89 Says:

    yea man, the end u must oni rely on urself n no one else.. ALL DA BEST!!!

  2. Welcome to the deep forest. Hope you can find me inside the dark forest which full of mist.

  3. haha..i want the exit...i donwan lost in forest..