Happy Ending

Yeah!! Is the end of the test for this semester after finish the last test, Survey II..
Now left one last practical report, GPS survey to finish up which need to pass up on Thursday..

After survey test, my classmate and I went to Kedai Talipon and celebrate...But not all my classmate went..only 18 of us..

Kedai Talipon? What can we do at there? Something to do with telephone? How can we celebrate some event with telephone?

Haha..actually Kedai Talipon is a buffet steamboat shop..beside buffet steamboat, we also can grill the food...Kedai Talipon offer variety of choice which include... satay chicken, 'char siew', lamb chop, 'bar gua', sosej, prawn, crab, fishball, fruit, jelly, sushi, ice-cream and etc....

All the food is very nice especially the SATAY CHICKEN...superb..brilliant..

With RM21.80++ for adult, you can enjoy all the food..I think the price is quite worthy...

This is our group photo...

Haha..enjoy a little bit of happiness before enter the final stage of this semester..Final Exam..

Work Hard!!
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