Facebook, is a world wide known social website..
Almost every youngster, teenager and adult also own an account in facebook

Facebook is interesting, is heaven..
You can upload photo and share with other, comment people photo, make friend, play games, take quiz, comment quiz and etc.....

Wah..I talk until facebook so interesting, so syiok..
So if you ask me do I own an account in facebook..?
I going to surprise you by the answer: "NO!!, ilek!!, wa boh!!, 我没有!!..

Even today in the class, my senior surprised:"huh, you don't have facebook? walao, you living in which decade.. "
All my friends keep on ask me to open a facebook account..
But until now I still refuse to open...
then they said they will open an account for me, then they pass the password to me..
Haha..too bad, I won't verify the mail verification..haha...
You can't force me unless something important happen... :P

Facebook is too interesting and is very addictive...
Most of the people open facebook because of this reasons..
But this is the main reason I doesn't want to open a facebook..
Brave to open a facebook now and regret in the future...
Heaven can transform into hell in anytime..

To all my friend who are active in facebook,
take this challenge before ask me to open a facebook: don't sign in your facebook in 1 month time..
If you pass the challenge, I straight away open a facebook account..

I will open a facebook account, but definitely is not now unless somebody pass the challenge...

Something more important is waiting me to do rather than use some free time in facebook...

Welcome to anybody who wish to take up the challenge.. :D

4 Responses
  1. Support arr... fully support. See my housemate ald know how terrible is facebook is......terrible horrible vegetable!!!

  2. yup..haha..you also don have facebook??Hi-5..

  3. lekmon Says:

    eh macha, i'll take the challenge. but im worry u wouldn't trust me in the end. how?