Fun with Egg X 2

Haha..unexpected.I played egg, not once but twice in a week..

The first time I play the egg in this week was yesterday..
Yesterday was the save the egg competition organized by Utar Engineering Society..
The competition is start at 2.30pm.
But during 2-3.30pm, I have a seminar..
So, my group which consist of me, kethes and garrett skip the seminar after we sign the attendance..we not so bad lah..because we stay at the seminar until 2.45pm..
Then we are late for the competition..By the time we reached, the competition left 15minutes only..
We are given 3 pieces of A4 paper, 1 egg, 1 string, 1 celofon tape and 2 stone.

Because we did not prepare any idea before the tournament and we left little time..
So, we simply come out with this design

We plan like this:
1. The designed structure fall down straight. Then we increase the strength of the base to support the momentum.
2. After the designed structure hit the ground, the "T" in x-axis and y-axis will prevent the egg hit the ground when the structure fell to side.

Our design is brilliant??
But the incident happened was more brilliant!!!

When the egg structure was released from my hand at level 2 building, the egg fell exactly like what we expect..
But when the egg reached the level 1..
The egg structure turn 180 degrees...
Oopps..the egg is on top of the designed structure
and the top of the design is protectionless..
Then the egg landed directly to the ground without any protection..
The egg break..and a nice breaking sound.."PIAK"
The egg yolk and egg white split out beautifully...
I and Jerard laugh till my tears also came out, my stomach also pain..

As a future Civil Engineer, I have nothing to said or comment about our design..
This is the first time we join this kind of competition..
Is a good try and we gained experience and we enjoy it..

Three future Civil Engineer who failed successfully: Kethes, Garrett and Me


Then today is the second time I play with the egg..
Today we need to do structural analysis assignment on the spot in the class..
The theme also egg. But this time is different with yesterday save the egg competition..
Today we are going to build a structure which has minimum height of 30cm and can hold the egg for at least 1 minutes..
The material we used were straw and celofon tape only..
My group consist of me, garrett again, kok tong, soon haw, loon seng and alex..
We successfully built the tallest structure in the class with the height about 127cm..
But actually we can build higher, just that time is the factor..
(I will post the video and photo once I got it from my lecturer, Mr.Tan

Kethes was in other group..and he continued yesterday success..
the egg in his group break..
But not because of structure failure..
Is because he and boon kang play with the egg..

Full of fun with egg in this week..


Today is one of my best friend, Lek Mon birthday..
Haha..I remember ad since last few days ago..
But today I almost forgot his birthday due to to much fun with egg..
Then I feel some weird feeling when I see the date: 13th August..
Then only I remember back today is his birthday..
Wish you all the best in your study
Don't become "budak kaca" anymore
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