Do we have the right to make decision for other people?

Yesterday, I just got to know that my younger sister also has blogging habit..So, as a caring brother who curious about what my sister wrote in her blog (100% not kepo), I went to her blog and check out...

I founded out that actually she is unhappy or dislike or lost..

She currently pursuing her degree in something like business+accounting (if i am not mistaken) at HELP..But from her blog..she said that she dislike the course she doing right now..So, why would she choose the course from the beginning?

And the answer is the decision making right is not on her hand..the decision making right is on my mum hand..and what make thing worse is: my mum decide to let my sister study this course because of the HELP marketing staff who strongly recommend the program because the marketing staff said the program is very good.

And this is my mum style: prefer to (actually can't said prefer to, should said is always ) listen to other people word and advice rather than her own children except her king of son (not me or my younger brother, I don have elder sister and I am second children of my parent, so is....). While my father is more cincai..he will let us do whatever we want..but the decision making power is on my mum hand..

I went through this stage mum asked me what I want to study( actually she make decision ad)..then I tell her..then she said no and I must go to Civil Engineering..So, I having dilemma in my course during my degree year..I asking myself why I can't choose the course I wanted..but lucky I founded the direction to get out of the jungle..

Now..history repeated..but not on on my sister..

So, is it because they are our parent, they can help us to make decision? Ya..I know..they think for our future..but..did they think whether their children like it? or whether their children suitable in the course or not..

If their children dislike or not suitable in the course, then their children unlimited potential is limited...

So, I think that every people has no right to make decision for other people, whether the fellow is your children, best friend, boy friend, girl friend and whatsoever..except some special case..The only right we have is give opinion..but not make decision for them..

Hope my sister will found the way out of the jungle soon..

p/s: I wrote this post not to blame my parent or anything..Just my point of view only..
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