11 August 2009

Time past very fast..
This week is week 11 for my Y2S1 degree..
My first final exam will be held exactly 1 month from now..
This mean my Y2S1 going to end very soon..

Actually tomorrow I supposingly have save the egg competition and fluid test..
The fluid test is still continue on..
But too bad for the save the egg competition..
Today my structural analysis lecturer, Mr. Tan inform all the CI student MUST attend a seminar which also will be held tomorrow, same time with the save egg competition..
The save the egg competition is about we are give some material and we need to build a structure that can support an egg which drop from 3 level building to the ground..
It is so interesting..because it really test our creative, teamwork, and skill..

Arrghh....which one to go? Save the egg? Go to seminar?
Can I cut myself into two part? But I can't confirm I still can join both event or not after I cut myself..XD
But I think most probaly I will go to the more important event, the seminar..
I think tomorrow only see how the thing going on..


Ashame...ashame..ashame...to myself
Especially after I login into Utar Portal..
Because I am too boring..so I simply click anything in Utar Portal..
Then I found out we can check the student who are in President list or Dean list for every course..
Then...I check..
And I SAWWWWWW.... two familiar name in Dean list..
Really ashame myself...

Everyday play, play, play..
Everytime procrastinate my revision, my assignment, my homework, my report..

But I feel relief..
Because all of this is my history now..
As I learned from previous semester..
This semester I change 365 degrees..

This semester, I think I maybe can beat xxx and yyy..
XXX and YYY..I would like to remind you two...Dean list only show NAME only..
Maybe you will see my big name, LIM OOI YUAN and MY PHOTO in president list next semester..
Maybe I must double or triple my hardworking in the final lap of my Y2S1..
Maybe I must remember myself:

oklah..I will stop here..
Actually I come here and bullshit and crap all the thing out..
Because I am waiting my cloth in the washing machine..
Blog again next time..
NIGHT..~ ~ ~
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