Mr. Y answer

Yesterday I was busy with my assignment, runoff in river. It was a tough assignment as the text book and google search can't provide any useful information. I just start my assignment around 11pm because I busy search for information for the past few day.

The time is around 2.30am, I left the last part of my assignment. Suddenly my friend, Mr. Y wanted to share his frustration with me. As his close friend and amateur counselor, I will definitely help him..

This is my answer to you:
Mr.Y , even though we are in the same secondary school, but I really get to know you from last year only. In this 1 year time, I can't said that I fully understand about you, but base on my observation in this 1 year, you are 冲动, 激动, and 做事情没有三思而后行.

Every people have problem. Not only you, I also have problem. But why some people are happy while some are not. The difference between the happy people and the sad people is the way they handle their problem.

I really pity about what you have go through so far. And I am glad to know that you are regretting for what you have done all the time. That is why you are willing to share your frustration and problem with me. You told me you want to go back to your pass and change everything. But if you are given a chance to go back to your pass and you are going to change everything into perfect, then I think you will be more useless compare to now. Why? Everything is perfect, no problem, no stress, no frustration, so you are just like kid. What had pass, just let it pass. Learn from pass and build the future.

As we continue our life, our responsibility, our problem, our stress are also increase. That is why changes are important for us. Changes will allow us to cope our problem. For example: a company started it business in 1950 and have the profit of 100k per annual. Do you think the company will still survive till now if the way the company do business continue remain constant.

So, I think the first thing you should learn is 忍(stand)and control yourself. Because everytime you are so emo, argue and fight with the people around even because of the small thing. Try to talk with the people around you nicely, don't 冲动 and 激动.

I will continue assist you but you must show me and prove me you know how to 忍 and control yourself first.
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