The memory of my secondary school- Part 1

When I was in the secondary school, those senior and teacher alway told me: secondary school life is the best..I don't get the meaning until I leave my secondary school..

SMK LA SALLE Klang, one of the oldest secondary school in Klang, is my secondary school. SMK LA SALLE Klang started in 1946, and until now, it is still stand strong in Klang, provide education to Klang people..

SMK LA SALLE Klang is a guy school. So, except teacher, canteen worker or toilet cleaner, you can't see any girl in my school., it is not strange if I am girl shy. Because I never went to any tuition before, so my secondary school life is in my school compound only. My record, I think is 4 and a half year I never talk to any girl student except own family members..Haha...imposible? But I can 99% confirm the record is true..I think nobody can break my record...

During my school time, all the teacher in this school are very friendly. Even though they are strict in class, but they are very friendly..I like all of the teacher.. If you ask me who is my most favourite teacher, I would give you three name: Pn. Lim, Pn.Lim and Encik Suhaimi. I really appreciate this three teacher for teaching me and gave me chances. Not forgotten, all the teacher who taught me before...

The memory of my seondary school can be divide into two parts. The first part is Form 1 to Form 3. During the first 2 years, basically my life is just about study only. Nothing interesting happened.

My interesting life in secondary school started when I enter Form 3. I was in the second class, 3E. This is the year where I start to become 'crazy'. During Form 3, the 'kelas terbersih' award will alway go to between two class only, is either my class got it or another class, 3S got it.

Haha.. actually starting we are not fighting for this award. I remembered 3S class teacher like clean environment. She alway ordered the student to clean the class. So, at the begining 3S are the class who alway get the 'class terbersih' award. Then the war was initiated by ME. haha..because everytime I reached the school quite early. I feel bored because need to wait till assemble time. And I look around the class is quite dirty, so I took the initiative to clean the class and arrange the table nicely. Then my friend also help me. Then the next week, the award go to our class.. haha..then the war continue for the rest of the year..

The teacher I most remember during form 3 is my BM teacher, Mr. Harry Tan. He got 1 his own famous slogan: 'budak malang'. When he teaching half way, if got some student running at the corridor, then he will stop, and told us:' tengok budak malang ini, kita jangan ikut dia jadi budak malang macam dia'..haha..when got people din't tuck in the shirt:' he will said, jangan jadi budak malang, masuk baju ke dalam'..haha..

Mr. Harry EQ is very high..he hardly get angry..but when he angry, he only angry for 3 seconds(the most). Remembered 1 time, my class got 1 malay sleeping in the class. Then Mr. Harry ask him to wake up and wash his face. But the malay student refuse to do that. Then Mr.Harry get angry for 3 seconds:

-1st second: he increase his volume and scold the student: bangun!
-2nd second: he used his hand to hit his shoulder very hard
-3rd second: become normal Harry Tan

Then the whole class kept quiet and surprise because this is the first time we saw him so angry. But the way he angry is very FUN!! haha...

The most funny and interesting part is I alway use hokkien and mandarin to kutuk and talk something about him in front of my friend in front of him. Because I thought he is OCBC (orang cina bukan cina), so he won't understand. But my friend found out actually he is not OCBC..haha..then only I understand..why everytime he sure ask me question during the class...

Actually Mr.Harry is my neighbour, stay 3 house away from my he know me also..His lifestyle is very healthy..every morning 6am, he will go to jogging. Then he will wash his car before he go to school. His car, 'QM 4880' body is very shinning and smooth. Then, when around 5pm, he will go to jogging again..

Another teacher who I remember is my sejarah teacher, Mr.Bala. His favourite action when teaching is pull up his pant very high..haha..He really pull his pant until very high...then sometime, when he teaching, he suddenly increase his voice for no reason...then everybody will awake

(To be continue.....)
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