Issue: Math and Science revert back to BM and Mother Tongue language.

Year 2003 onward, the teaching of Math and Science changed into English. And today, Goverment announce the teaching of Math and Science will be revert back to BM and mother tongue language from 2012 onward.

What is this? Change something as their wish. Change something as they like. Did they think of the pity 'Anak Malaysia', which are the victim of their 'experiment'?

Everytime said:" Don't be Kampung Champion. Be World Champion ". Who are sarcastic? BM is national language for Malaysia while English is national language for global.

Year 2003, anak-anak Malaysia go out the Kampung, and start to contact with the world. However, after few years, they don't even walk part of the journey, then they have to take a u-turn, back to Kampung.

So, who will cover the cost of the journey? Malaysian taxpayer!! Is the Goverment thinking that the economic in recession and they have too much money, but don't where to spend the money. So, they splash the money in reverting the PPSMI to stimulate the economic.

Teaching Math and Science in English is a wise move. But the implementation of the move is very very very very very bad. The foundation of the PPSMI is not stable yet, but they continue to build level 1, level 2, level 3 and so on. So, at the end, Goverment decide to destroy the PPSMI, because it is going to collapse.

Waste time, waste money
Malaysia Boleh!!

Think of long run instead of short run
Malaysia Tak Boleh!!
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