I am coming, HELL...

Back to 12 years old until now..

8 years pass..

Basketball is still my most favourite sport..

I have won a number of medals in basketball tournament..

I got a MVP medal..

I got bronze and silver medals..

But, none of them is gold colour...

That is the only thing which I haven't achieve..

That is the thing which I want to achieve..

Utar Interfaculty Sport Carnival is on 2nd August 2009..

I registered my name in the basketball team..

This is another chance for me to achieve my dream..

It is not an easy task..

Because I have the chance to meet player from other state..

I will not affraid or scare..

I feel excited..

So, I am going to hell..

I am going to be evil...

I am going to be horror evil..

An horror evil which can determine the win or lose of a game..

So, I am going to give myself a series of evil training..

I must complete the hell journey and transform myself into evil in less than 2 weeks time..

It a short time and it is tough..

But I strongly believe I can finish the journey and transform myself successfully..

Because the biggest enemy is myself..

Hopefully my body can support my desire, spirit..

I beat myself and I will be number 1..


It have been long time I never feel..

so happy, full of spirit, energetic, eager..

Here I come, Hell..~~
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