hahaha..I never thought that I can be so happy. I am really happy, happy and happy.. hahah..I can happy until smile to myself all the day.. but I try to control my happiness, to avoid people think I am 'qi siao'...

I am so happy! I am happy because of the size, but I am more happy and happy because of the location..hahaha..The location is very important to me and will influence me a lot..

Haha..of course, the final decision is in my mum hand..

If my mum opt for another decision that opposite to the first choice...I will be still happy, but not as happy as right now..because the location is different as location is important for me... location is important for me... location is important for me...

Then I will find another way to solve the problem.... It is hard and tough. And I must have the confidence in myself..

I wish to extend my happiness till next 2 years...!!!!!! I wish my mum will choose the same choice as I wish...I wish my mum will make the first choice, but I will respect the final decision made by my mum, either first choice or another choice..

Because if the thing is belong to you, it will belong to you..If the thing is not belong to you..don't force yourself to belong it..

MOTHER!! Made the wise and right decision..because your decision will influence me a lot in future...

P/S: edited on 5.30pm, 23rd July 2009
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