Death should be sad instead of horror..Because it bring the mean of separation..

Last friday, Ms.N was sad. I asked her why. And she told me her grandfather going to die soon because of prostate cancer. I should console her, but at the end I think I maybe made her feel more sad ...

I not a BAD guy!!..normally when I console people, I will ask the people to be happy and don't be sad... But it is imposible for me to ask her don't be sad and be happy because her grandfather going to die...

I knew the feeling of separation between the family member as I have go through before. I knew her feeling right now..But I think she is strong and tough enough to face the truth..

Because of I don't know how to console her, so at I sent this to her:

Sooner or later
You and him will be separate
Because he is going to complete his life routine
Live, old, sick and death
Sick and Death might be scary thing
But he know
His entire family members are standing behind him
Love him
Support him
Care him
Accompany him
He no longer fear anything
Because he have great family members.
Although not much time left
But, don’t be sad
Enjoy every moment left
Between you and him

And I think I should learn how to console people who are going to lose their family member but I don't wish to use it....
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