28 July 2009- Transformation 1

Why I have to transfrom myself..Because the thing that I most worried happened on last saturday..My body can't support me..I have to force my body to support me..
So, after 2 days of recovering period from internal injuries..I can start transform myself.

I wan to transform my body..I wan stronger, more endurance and more durability body..
SO, I made a decision to make gym as my second home before sunday tournament..

The first day of transformation:
-went to gym two times
-use staircase to walk from level 20 to level 3 two times
-use staircase to walk from level 3 to level 20 two times

Freaking tough...almost give up when coming up to level 20 while using staircase..

But..I kenot give up!!


Continue gambateh,加油!!!

Countdown: 4 days
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