23rd July 2009

Haha..today is Thursday, is a busy Thursday..haha..of course, I still in happy mood.. hahaha..

Today is the test for Structural Analysis..Yesterday I 'piah' all the tutorial already..so today I can do all the question, hopefully no stupid mistake done by me..the only problem is the time is not enough for me..lucky our sir extended 10 minutes for the test..haha..thank you sir..

Today is my classmate, Tat Ming birthday. HAPPY BIRTHDAY Tat Ming...So we went to Menara Alpha Jusco KFC to celebrate his birthday..Pity the KFC because we started the cake war, where some of my classmate took the small slice of cake and smash on the face of birthday boy..haha..then birthday boy took another slice of cake and revenge back..haha...I think soon we will blacklisted by Jusco as we also did like that during last time birthday celebration at McDonald..

Coincidently today is Menara Alpha J-card day..but the crowds are a lot but not as much as I ever seen before at Bukit Raja and Bukit Tinggi Jusco,where you need to queue up for 1 hour just to paid the stuff you want to buy..

After that, we went back to Utar as we got Survey Practical at 3pm..we are going to work under hot sun.~~ Today we need to carry out vertical curve...lucky is an easy practical..we managed to finish it around 1 hour..I got a bit sore throat after that..not because of haze..because my group got 1 hyperactive member...haha...
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