20 years of my life-Why I am an Utarian?

Today is 1st July 2009, is the first day of second half year of 2009.
This week is week 5, as an University student,
I start entering the busy period of the semester
Where the test, due date of asssignment will come find me soon

Why I choose UTAR for my tertiary level study ?
UTAR, my choice?
Erm...maybe is true..
Allow me to begin my story.

After I finished my SPM, my mum asked me what I want to do?
My answer was I want to study medical and work in hospital emergency department.
Basically my dad did not oppose my idea but he said want to see my SPM result.
But my mum opposed because she dislike the doctor working time.
My mum went to 'tukang tilik' and ask which career is best suit for me.
The 'tukang tilik' said I not suitable in 机械/机器 (engineering)and medical.
Accountant, advertisement designer, marketing are more suitable for me.
Then the topic was on hold until I got my SPM result.

My mum asked me again what I want to do?
Then I gave different answer: Economic.
My mum agree with my choice.
But how come I end up in UTAR, taking Civil Engineering course?
The story haven't end...
Actually from the beginning, my mum planned want me to take Civil Engineering..
Because her friend son taking this course...
So, at the end I registered Civil Engineering in UTAR.
But, according to my character, I will argue with my mum..
If I argue with my mum, I think I already follow my choice..
But I never did that during that time..
This is because of two reasons.
Actually is three reasons. I founded out the last reason during my Y1S2.

The first reason:
Because of myself.
During that time, my mind is thinking:
Civil Engineering? What is that course about? Should I follow my choice?
5 years only.. very fast can graduate ad..
But aunty said the course very hard to study..
So..very hard...? Hard?
"Very hard" attracted me to enter UTAR..

The second reason:
Because she at UTAR.

The third reason which I found out when I lost in jungle:
Because of my grandfather.
Grandfather? Then I need to begin another story...

I had 4 months break after my Y1S1..
I entered Y1S2 and I found out I loss my study mood..
During the final exam period..
I was so stress..I can't concentrated..
And I knew what I studied never enter my mind
And I knew I going to did badly in my final exam..
After end of my exam.. I start to think whether I should continue
Or I should stop and go to my favourite Economic..
Actually I decided to tell my mum until..
Until I reflash back my memory..
I went to the time where I am 17 year old, still study at form 5..
I still remember that time is school holiday..
My grandfather passed away..
On the second day of my grandfather funeral..
I ask my mum something..
and my mum indirectly and accidently tell me..
about my grandfather achievement, history..
I was stunned and can't believe by my grandfather achievement and history..
From that time onward, my grandfather became the person that I respect the most..
I will emulate my grandfather and even overpass my grandfather achievement..
Know my grandfather achievement and history has the pros and con..
It depend on how we see..
My mum place a bet on telling my grandfather history to me...
And I srongly believe my mum will win the bet..

So, becoming as Civil Engineer can be said as my indirectly ambition
Which I almost forgot until I lost in the jungle and found back
So, at the end I never tell my mum about my initial thinking
As I decided to put more effort and hardworking in my new semester study
I found back my old VISION
Work Hard to emulate my grandfather and overpassing him

Although the 'tukang tilik' said that I am not suitable in engineerig field, but I believe that our fate is set by god, but WE are the one who controlling it.
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