Today is 27th June, 2009 saturday

Today is saturday..
as usual, all my saturday schedule are similar..
wake up late, surf net, watch drama, play basketball or dinner, go pasar malam..
I plan to do my tutorial, but too bad, i need time to relax myself after a week of war with my assignment and report..
this afternoon my aunty come to my house and chit chat with my mum..
and I am very surprise by the content of their conversation..
I can't share the conversation at here..
Because now still not the right time to share with you all..

Today is saturday..
with a little bit of special event..
today is the day where most of my friend go to their public university..
yesterday we have a wonderful farewell day..
although we will not together again for next few month..
but we will work hard in our academic..
and we will meet again in next few month..

Today is saturday..
Just back from dinner...
and my stomach is freaking full..
not because I 'tam chiak'..
is because my ah ma sit beside me..
She like to said: 'ah yan, chiak; ah yan, chiak; ah yan, chiak'..
And I alway will not disapoint her..
Whenever the waiter want to collect the dish plate..
And if there are some food left in the dish plate..
She will take my plate, and put all the food in my plate..
Again..I alway will not disapoint her again.. the stomach is freaking full..
haha..the dinner also reward something to my family
two lucky draw presents are belong to my family..hehe..

Today is saturday..
left 15 minutes before sunday come..
a new day will begin..
a new journey waiting me..
wish you have a good sleep and sweet dream..
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