Premiere Screen: Blood: The Last Vampire

Last friday, 5 June, i woke up at 1pm. Then as usual, I on my laptop to check my mail. And I got some surprise in my mail.

I got the invitation to Blood: The Last Vampire premiere screen. I was very happy but after that disappointed because I have no transport to Cineleisure Mall.

Then, one of my secondary school buddy saw my msn personal message. He is movie crazy. He promise to fetch me go the party and premiere screening. And of course, his reward is the another ticket available.

10th June, 4.30pm, he came and fetch me. We reach Cineleisure Mall around 5.30pm. Then we go visit comic shop and McDonald. The party started at 7.30pm. Starbuck coffee, ice tea and Kenny Rodger Muffin are available for all the participants.

The Q&A session and games start at 8pm. My partner won Blood: The Last Vampire animation DVD. After that we go redeem our ticket and the movie start at 9.30pm.

Wow...I love NUFFNANG and I proud to be NUFFNANGER because Nuffnang alway give opportunity and surprise to NUFFNANGER.
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