Personal: 20 years of my life(part 1)

Lived for 20 years.

If my lifespan is 40 years, then I already walk through half of my life. If my lifespan is 60 years, then I already walk through one third of my life. If my lifespan is 80 years, then I already walk through one fourth of my life.

20 years, it not a short time or long time. So, what I have done during this not short or not long time?

20 years, I got happy moment, I got sad moment, I got peak moment, I got down moment, I got disappointed moment, I got crazy moment.

For those who know me or saw me before, I think you all sure think that my skin is dark colour. This is because I born in India. But my nationality is Malaysia. I not migrate from India. I just born in famous place known as Little India in Malaysia. A place where Indian confirm know because 95% of the shop are selling Indian stuff.Actually my skin are very fair until something happened during my standard 6.

I am a freaking naughty child when I am small but I can't remember what i have did except after I 4 or 5 years old. This is because of the 'y' shape scar at my right corner side of my forehead.

I can't remember what happened but according to my mum, I fall down from a 3 or 4 feets table while playing with my brother. After fall down, I cried, but my mum ignore my cry until after a certain of time, then only she look after me. She shocked as my head are bleeding like nobody business. My mum bought me to hospital and my forehead need around 20 stitches. Until now, i can't remember what happened during that time and before that.

No doubt, I admitted I am freaking naughty child when I am small.

Standard 6, one of the year which are important in my live. I founded my buddies, I founded my favourite sport, and this is the year which my skin turned into dark colour.

During standard 6, I represent my school in basketball tournament. So, every saturday and sunday I will attend the training. My team managed to enter final, but we lose by 1 point and we are runner up. During that time, I made a decision, which I still regret until now. My coach choose me and some other team mate to Klang state selection and I have selected in the Klang team. But, I have reject the offer. I rejected the offer for no reason. I alway think: if I accept the offer, will my road be different?

After the tournament, I back to school as usual. Me and my buddies will play basketball every friday, after the class. That is why my skin getting darker and darker.

to be continue...
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  1. kethes Says:

    macha... nice one.. no doubt u r still freaking naughty... haha