One Hand Can't Clap

We can't clap by using single hand only. This is absolutely correct when this theory apply to our country politic.

The main concern of Malaysian is can BN and PKR work together to improve Malaysia? Instead of fighting for the power of ruling, they should work together and solve the problem of Malaysian.

Everytime BN come out an idea or solution, PKR will oppose and when PKR come out an idea or solution, BN will oppose. Are they oppose for the good of the Malaysian or they oppose because they stand in different position?

Every idea will have their own good and bad. It depend on how we think and see the idea.
An excellent politician will accept an idea, analyse the idea related to the situation, re-edit the idea and furthern improve the idea and implement the idea or policy that will bring good and benefit to the country and people. It not the matter the idea speak out by who, because "the cat is good if it can catch the mouse, we don't care the species and where are they from".

Work together for the future!

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