I am a Transformer

I am an autobot, which transform between Chinese and Indian........However, I can't transform as I wish, just like other autobot and decepticon because I need time to transform.

I accidently became an autobot during standard six. Basketball transformed me to become Indian. During standard six, my skin was very dark because I alway play basketball under hot sun.

When I entered secondary school, I transformed to Chinese. But when goto form 4 and form 5, I became Indian back. Because the teacher alway didn't enter the class and my friend alway bring basketball to school. So, we will play basketball whenever teacher not in the class.

When I entered my University, I used 3 months time to transform to Chinese back. Haha...but when my 3 weeks semester break come, I transform to Indian again! Because my friend will keep on ask me to play basketball.

When I got survey during the particular semester, I will alway be Indian for 4 months. Because I need to do my practical under hot sun..very hot..very tiring..but very fun..because of the mis-usage of the survey apparatus...
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