I am SAD!!!

I am down
I am SAD
Because I am normal human
My best friends are leaving me soon
They are going to further their study
They are going to fly away from me
For a period of time
Before I can meet them again
During this period of time
They are not around me
Less joy
Less happiness
Extra boring
Extra lonely
In my life
Because we use to
Gila together
Lim teh together
Basketball together
Jogging together
Ping Pong together
Pasar Malam together
Etc together
Our friendship
Can't measure
By time we had together
Because it is measure by
What we had go through
What we had did together
What we had face together
We had walked
The same path
The same road
The same direction
Together we walked for so long
And today
We are going to split away
By junction
Some goto east
Some goto west
Some goto north
Some goto south
But I belive
We will meet again
At another junction
And walk together
In same path again
In same road again
In same direction again
Our objective, our mission, our target
At the end
Are the same
To be success in our life
Therefore, I wanted to wish
Wish all my HENGTAI
All the best in their study
All the best in their new life
All the best in their new challenge
I am proud to have a HENGTAI like you
May our FRIENDSHIP last forever
2 Responses
  1. jerard_89 Says:

    Dun b sad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. No longer sad anymore because I change sad to miss