After sad

The most busy and tiring day in a week
I will choose monday
Because I need to attend my classes
From 9 am till 7pm
Total of 10 hours
Minus off my 2 hours break
Even though is break
But most of the time I used up my break
To do my tutorial
And I really have break after I finish my tutorial

Today is 29th June
2 days after most of my friend went their Public University
I no longer sad anymore
Not because I forgot our friendship anymore
Is because I changed my mood
From sad to miss
I will wait their return after few month
Hope you all settle down soon
Work hard together, 兄弟!

Today is 27th June, 2009 saturday

Today is saturday..
as usual, all my saturday schedule are similar..
wake up late, surf net, watch drama, play basketball or dinner, go pasar malam..
I plan to do my tutorial, but too bad, i need time to relax myself after a week of war with my assignment and report..
this afternoon my aunty come to my house and chit chat with my mum..
and I am very surprise by the content of their conversation..
I can't share the conversation at here..
Because now still not the right time to share with you all..

Today is saturday..
with a little bit of special event..
today is the day where most of my friend go to their public university..
yesterday we have a wonderful farewell day..
although we will not together again for next few month..
but we will work hard in our academic..
and we will meet again in next few month..

Today is saturday..
Just back from dinner...
and my stomach is freaking full..
not because I 'tam chiak'..
is because my ah ma sit beside me..
She like to said: 'ah yan, chiak; ah yan, chiak; ah yan, chiak'..
And I alway will not disapoint her..
Whenever the waiter want to collect the dish plate..
And if there are some food left in the dish plate..
She will take my plate, and put all the food in my plate..
Again..I alway will not disapoint her again.. the stomach is freaking full..
haha..the dinner also reward something to my family
two lucky draw presents are belong to my family..hehe..

Today is saturday..
left 15 minutes before sunday come..
a new day will begin..
a new journey waiting me..
wish you have a good sleep and sweet dream..

I am a Transformer

I am an autobot, which transform between Chinese and Indian........However, I can't transform as I wish, just like other autobot and decepticon because I need time to transform.

I accidently became an autobot during standard six. Basketball transformed me to become Indian. During standard six, my skin was very dark because I alway play basketball under hot sun.

When I entered secondary school, I transformed to Chinese. But when goto form 4 and form 5, I became Indian back. Because the teacher alway didn't enter the class and my friend alway bring basketball to school. So, we will play basketball whenever teacher not in the class.

When I entered my University, I used 3 months time to transform to Chinese back. Haha...but when my 3 weeks semester break come, I transform to Indian again! Because my friend will keep on ask me to play basketball.

When I got survey during the particular semester, I will alway be Indian for 4 months. Because I need to do my practical under hot sun..very hot..very tiring..but very fun..because of the mis-usage of the survey apparatus...

I am SAD!!!

I am down
I am SAD
Because I am normal human
My best friends are leaving me soon
They are going to further their study
They are going to fly away from me
For a period of time
Before I can meet them again
During this period of time
They are not around me
Less joy
Less happiness
Extra boring
Extra lonely
In my life
Because we use to
Gila together
Lim teh together
Basketball together
Jogging together
Ping Pong together
Pasar Malam together
Etc together
Our friendship
Can't measure
By time we had together
Because it is measure by
What we had go through
What we had did together
What we had face together
We had walked
The same path
The same road
The same direction
Together we walked for so long
And today
We are going to split away
By junction
Some goto east
Some goto west
Some goto north
Some goto south
But I belive
We will meet again
At another junction
And walk together
In same path again
In same road again
In same direction again
Our objective, our mission, our target
At the end
Are the same
To be success in our life
Therefore, I wanted to wish
Wish all my HENGTAI
All the best in their study
All the best in their new life
All the best in their new challenge
I am proud to have a HENGTAI like you
May our FRIENDSHIP last forever

Happy Birthday Ah Tin


Last friday, we celebrated Ah Tin birthday at Red Box, Low Yat Plaza.

The surprise party was organised by his gf, Shyne Sze

And the surprise party would not success if without the attendance of us

We reached Red Box at 6 something.

When all the party participant reached, then Shyne Sze brought Ah Tin to room 49.


Ah Tin was surprised by the party!

Sao Seng Kong & Shyne Sze

Negotiating with receptionist (from left: koo, yip, jerard, kit wah, yee sian and me)

clockwise: wei tuck, yip, darren, me, kit wah, koo, ken sean, JJ, joel, mee ting, lai mun, kah mun

I 知足-ing

Birthday cake

Who sang till Kit Wah fall asleep??

Utar S.H.E

Koo and Kit Wah singing

Ken Sean is gay??

One Hand Can't Clap

We can't clap by using single hand only. This is absolutely correct when this theory apply to our country politic.

The main concern of Malaysian is can BN and PKR work together to improve Malaysia? Instead of fighting for the power of ruling, they should work together and solve the problem of Malaysian.

Everytime BN come out an idea or solution, PKR will oppose and when PKR come out an idea or solution, BN will oppose. Are they oppose for the good of the Malaysian or they oppose because they stand in different position?

Every idea will have their own good and bad. It depend on how we think and see the idea.
An excellent politician will accept an idea, analyse the idea related to the situation, re-edit the idea and furthern improve the idea and implement the idea or policy that will bring good and benefit to the country and people. It not the matter the idea speak out by who, because "the cat is good if it can catch the mouse, we don't care the species and where are they from".

Work together for the future!

Personal: 20 years of my life(part 1)

Lived for 20 years.

If my lifespan is 40 years, then I already walk through half of my life. If my lifespan is 60 years, then I already walk through one third of my life. If my lifespan is 80 years, then I already walk through one fourth of my life.

20 years, it not a short time or long time. So, what I have done during this not short or not long time?

20 years, I got happy moment, I got sad moment, I got peak moment, I got down moment, I got disappointed moment, I got crazy moment.

For those who know me or saw me before, I think you all sure think that my skin is dark colour. This is because I born in India. But my nationality is Malaysia. I not migrate from India. I just born in famous place known as Little India in Malaysia. A place where Indian confirm know because 95% of the shop are selling Indian stuff.Actually my skin are very fair until something happened during my standard 6.

I am a freaking naughty child when I am small but I can't remember what i have did except after I 4 or 5 years old. This is because of the 'y' shape scar at my right corner side of my forehead.

I can't remember what happened but according to my mum, I fall down from a 3 or 4 feets table while playing with my brother. After fall down, I cried, but my mum ignore my cry until after a certain of time, then only she look after me. She shocked as my head are bleeding like nobody business. My mum bought me to hospital and my forehead need around 20 stitches. Until now, i can't remember what happened during that time and before that.

No doubt, I admitted I am freaking naughty child when I am small.

Standard 6, one of the year which are important in my live. I founded my buddies, I founded my favourite sport, and this is the year which my skin turned into dark colour.

During standard 6, I represent my school in basketball tournament. So, every saturday and sunday I will attend the training. My team managed to enter final, but we lose by 1 point and we are runner up. During that time, I made a decision, which I still regret until now. My coach choose me and some other team mate to Klang state selection and I have selected in the Klang team. But, I have reject the offer. I rejected the offer for no reason. I alway think: if I accept the offer, will my road be different?

After the tournament, I back to school as usual. Me and my buddies will play basketball every friday, after the class. That is why my skin getting darker and darker.

to be continue...

Premiere Screen: Blood: The Last Vampire

Last friday, 5 June, i woke up at 1pm. Then as usual, I on my laptop to check my mail. And I got some surprise in my mail.

I got the invitation to Blood: The Last Vampire premiere screen. I was very happy but after that disappointed because I have no transport to Cineleisure Mall.

Then, one of my secondary school buddy saw my msn personal message. He is movie crazy. He promise to fetch me go the party and premiere screening. And of course, his reward is the another ticket available.

10th June, 4.30pm, he came and fetch me. We reach Cineleisure Mall around 5.30pm. Then we go visit comic shop and McDonald. The party started at 7.30pm. Starbuck coffee, ice tea and Kenny Rodger Muffin are available for all the participants.

The Q&A session and games start at 8pm. My partner won Blood: The Last Vampire animation DVD. After that we go redeem our ticket and the movie start at 9.30pm.

Wow...I love NUFFNANG and I proud to be NUFFNANGER because Nuffnang alway give opportunity and surprise to NUFFNANGER.

Charity: Spread your love via DiGi

DiGi never let LOVE to died. Recently DiGi come out a new campaign: LovetoSave. This campaign allow you to do charity.

DiGi want to raise RM150,000 in 30 days. And we have the power to help with a single click. And it does NOT matter which mobile network you are on – just as long you are among those who LovetoSave.Just click once on the charity you’d like to support, and DiGi will donate RM5 to it.

You just need to follow this simple steps:
1. Goto Then, click the 'save now'.
2. Select your favourite charity.
3. Click 'vote now'.
4. Enter your email address and goto your email and verify the mail.
5. Then DiGi will donate RM5 to the association you choose.

I choosen National Kidney Foundation (NKF) as my choice of charity.
Don't be selfish. Spread this love news to your friend and relative.