Sport: Referee quality has decline?

Champion League semi final passed. The finalist for the final was out. 27 May, defending champion, Manchester United will face Barcelona at Rome. However, some controversy appear during the two semi final.

At Arsenal vs Manchester United match, Darren Fletcher was red carded for bringing down Fabregas in the penalty box. But from the view of replay, the decision of referee was arguable as Flecther takle was clean as he clear away the ball before he bring down Fabregas. So, Flecther will be suspend for the final match.

On other semi final match, Chelsea was knock out dramatically by Barcelona. Iniesta scored a dramatic gol at 90+2 minutes to knock out Chelsea through away gol. But the match will be different if the referee correctly award at least 4 penalty.

Malouda was fouled just in the penalty box but the referee award a free kick outside the penalty box. Then Drogba was brought down in the penalty box but referee play on the match. The third is Pique was handed ball when Anelka trying to pass him in the penalty box. And the fourth, the most decisive one. At 90+6 minutes, Eto was handed ball when blocking Chelsea attempt on gol.

We can't denied that human alway make mistake but too much mistake will arise question and problem. FIFA should find the solution for this problem before the world most popular lose it fans.
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  1. ketheswaaran Says:

    hey.,... i agree with u... the worst was in brace n chelsea game la.... haiz..... btw i got post sumtin new the other day adi