Sport: Fantasy Four or Incredible Trio?

Tonight is the Champion League final for the season 2008/09. Man Utd beat Arsenal to enter the final. While Barcelona denied all second consecutive all England final when they beat Chelsea in semi final.

Man Utd vs Barcelona. No matter which team win the Big Ear, they will definitely create history. If Man Utd win the Big Ear tonight, they will be the first team to defend the Champion League title and this season the will have fantasy four title in their hand: World Championship, League cup, English Premier League and Champion League.In other hand, if Barca win the Big Ear, they will be the first spanish side to win a treble in a season: Spanish League, Spanish King Cup and Champion League.

Man Utd prefered counter attack style while Barca have strong attacking side. And of course, the focus is on the two world best player: Ronaldo vs Messi. Both player have their influence for their own team. Can they use their own skill and influence to bring the Big Ear to their home? Another focus is Man Utd back four against Barca trio attackers. Can the back four cope with the trio?

Man Utd and Barca, both are my favourite team. They have great player and they play beautiful game. And they have never give up easily spirit which i love the most. No matter Man Utd or Barca win the cup tonight, they are still the best team in the world.
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