Issue: Nizar vs Zambri

Today, I saw the headline of the newspaper. Zambri will remain as Perak Menteri Besar.

From Nizar to Zambri, then Zambri to Nizar again. Then from Nizar to Zambri. What an interesting story. Two people representative fighting for the Menteri Besar position. But the Perak people are the victim no matter which party win the race.

After all this kind of funny thing, something come across my mind:

-Is Malaysia Law justice?
-Is human are joker?
-People representative are solving people problem or they fight for their own parties only?
-Is Barisan Nasional can get special threat because they are controlling the central goverment?

Malaysia are democratic nation. But in my opinion, i think that Barisan Nasional misintepret the word 'democratic'. When two party have same number of wakil rakyat(28-28), both party have the right to claim they have the right to rule the state. But the action taken by Barisan Nasional was like they have the 100% right to rule Perak. They elected Zambri as the new Barisan Nasional and claimed Nizar was sacked.

Don't forget, Barisan Nasional actual wakil rakyat only got 25 plus 3 coalition independent people. When Pakatan Rakyat demand to dismiss the Perak goverment and have a new and fair general election at Perak, Barisan Nasional decline.

Why you decline since there are so many controversy? A new general election will definitely solve all this controversy. Prime minister, Najib decided not to contest in Penanti by-election because his team want to focus in the economic matter. But may i ask you a question, can the Zambri or Nizar solve the Perak economic and other matter if the Menteri Besar issue continuous?

Peace and money, which one will you choose. Two Menteri Besar, Nizar vs Zambri everyday also fighting for the pose. If Nizar won, then Zambri appeal. If Zambri won, then Nizar appeal. Moreover, the supporter will protest also. So, when will we see the peace?

If the Sultan of the Perak decide not to dismiss the goverment because the cost of the general election is high, and they wanted to save money for economic problem, then i think the Sultan is wrong. A general election will cost very much. Each party will conterst in the general election and the will make flag, banner, pin, flyer and etc. All this will increase the economic activity in the Perak and thus the economic in our nation also will increase. By having the new general election, people can choose their own wakil rakyat and there are no more controversy.

So, in my opinion, i think that dismiss the current Perak goverment and have a new general election will be the best choice to solve the controversy.We want a peace, harmony and fair. Hidup Peace, Hidup Harmony and Hidup Fair!!!
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